Floor-to-Ceiling Series

Towering wine displays raise spirits and the expectations of good things to come. Our Floor to Ceiling Frame series ensures that interior decorators, wine collectors, restaurateurs and architects can design wine displays as high as a ceiling allows.

The Floor-to-Ceiling Frames are a utility tool that allows the installation of our label-forward Wall Series racks when wall-mounting space is at a premium. These frames allow for the installation of our contemporary metal wine racks around windows, at tough angles and to previously unimaginable heights.

Stop being limited by the normal confines of wall mounting, start storing wine wherever you want.

Each floor-to-ceiling mounted frame set contains two five-foot sections. A variety of mounting hardware options allow for installation into any combination of floor, wall or ceiling mounting.

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Floor-to-Ceiling Mounted Frame

Take your wine collection all the way to the ceiling — even without a wall — with this 10-foot high steel frame that pairs with VintageView’s patented label-forward Wall Series wine racks. Perfect for spaces without access to — or desire to drill into — walls.

Floor-to-Ceiling Mounted Backer Bar

Take your wine collection off the wall. The Floor-to-Ceiling Backer Bar, when used in connection with a Floor-to-Ceiling Frame, allows for one-sided wine bottle installations against walls with mounting obstacles such as windows or fragile tile.